DFRobot Bluno Mega The DFRobot Bluno Boards (Bluno Nano, Bluno and Bluno Mega 2560) are the Arduino compatible Bluetooth LE enabled boards from DFRobot company. The boards are fully compatible with Arduino Nano, Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega 2560 and have TI CC2540 Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip on board. DFRobot provides mobile SDK for their boards so you can easy use it with Android and iOS devices. But there is no any Windows SDK.

GATT implementation

The boards provides characteristic for serial communication so your onboard code can send and receive data over BLE GATT connection. You client application can write to the characteristic and read data from it. Also the characteristic has notification enabled but, however, the characteristic does not have Client Configuration Descriptor. The lack of the Client Configuration Descriptor makes it impossible to receive notifications on Windows 10 and above. However, we found the way how you can enable it.

Connecting to the boards

To connect to the DFRobot Bluno board using wclGattClient and to receive characteristic change notification you should set the ForceNotifications property to True. Also you should handle OnPinRequest event of the wclBluetoothManager class. The board will be paired during connection establishing (the default PIN is "0000").

Once connection established your application can start receiving notifications by simple calling the Subscribe method of the wclGattClient class. Your application should not call the WriteClientConfiguration in this case because the boards do not have the Client Configuration Descriptor configured for the characteristic.

You can easy test your DFRobot Bluno board with GattClient Demo application. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.