BLED112 dongle The Silicon Labs BLED112, Bluetooth low energy USB Dongle is a single mode USB device enabling Bluetooth low energy connectivity for PC’s and other devices having a USB port. The Dongle integrates all Bluetooth 4.0 single mode features. The USB dongle can simulate virtual COM port. The COM port emulation enables simple host application development using Bluetooth Framework on any Windows OS.

Connecting BLED112

Once plugge BLED112 appears as a COM port in the system. Windows 10 and above installs the BLED112 driver automatically. Windows XP, Windows 7 and sometimes Windows 8 do not install the BLED112 driver automatically and you need to download and install it manually. You can find the BLED112 driver by this link: BLED112 Windows Driver. Or directly from our site. You do not need any additional SDKs or drivers to be able to use BLED112 Bluetooth USB dongle with Bluetooth Framework.


As BLED112 is a single mode Bluetooth Low Energy module it does not support any Bluetooth Classic features. BLED112 works as GATT central device (GATT client). It also can discover Bluetooth LE devices, capture Bluetooth LE advertisements, and advertise as BLE beacon. BLED112 supports passkey notification and passkey request pairing.