Wireless Communication Library is is the Software Developer Kit (SDK) for software developers. The library includes four Frameworks: Bluetooth Framework, IrDA Framework, Serial Framework and WiFi Framework.

Bluetooth Framework

Bluetooth Framework provides an easy access to all the Bluetooth features including: RFCOMM client, RFCOMM server, GATT (BLE) client and others. Read more...

IrDA Framework

IrDA Framework provides an easy access to all the IrDA features including: IrDA client, IrDA server and others. Read more...

Serial Framework

Serial Framework provides an easy way to work with Serial Devices such as COM pots (iincluding com0com driver) and Modems. It support USB virtual COM ports, Bluetooth Virtual COM ports or any other serial devices. Read more...

WiFi Framework

WiFi Framework provides an easy access to all the WiFi features including: WiFi client, Hosted Network (including WiFi Direct Soft AP), WiFi Profiles management, WiFi Sniffer and others. Read more...


Download the demo version of the Wireless Communication Library

Select Framework you would like to try by links below.

Framework Version Link
Bluetooth Framework Download
IrDA Framework Download
Serial Framework Download
Bluetooth Framework Download


Buy the full version of the Wireless Communication Library

Wireless Communication Library includes all Frameworks listed above. Purchasing them as one product saves money and provides extended free update period.


Wireless Communication Library is licensed per developer. This means that each developer that uses Wireless Communication Library must have own license. It is not licensed per machine or per server.
Each developer who has the license can install Wireless Communication Library on any number of computers in case it is used only by this developer.

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