Frameworks Comparison Table

Wireless Communication Library WiFi Framework IrDA Framework Bluetooth Framework Serial Framework
x86 support
x64 support
UNICODE support
Hardware Changes Detection and Monitoring
Enumerating and Managing WiFi Adapters
Handle all WLAN events with full parameters
Discover available networks
Enumerate available BSS list for a network
Measure signal quality and RSSI level
Manage (enumerate, create, delete, modify) WLAN profiles
Connect to and disconnect from a WiFI network
Read and set WLAN interfaces properties
Read Information Elements from BSS
Create and manage Hosted Networks (ad-hoc mode)
WiFi Direct Legacy Soft AP
Network List Manager
Capturing Raw WiFi Packets
WiFi Direct Advertiser
WiFi Direct Devices Watcher
WiFi Direct Client
BlueSoleil Bluetooth Drivers
Microsoft Bluetooth Drivers
Toshiba Bluetooth Drivers
Bluetooth 4 Low Energy (BLE) Support BlueSoleil (GATT)
Bluetooth 4 Low Energy (BLE) Support Microsoft (GATT)
Monitoring iBeacons (Windows 10)
Monitoring Eddystone Beacon (Windows 10)
Capturing Raw Advertisement frames (Windows 10)
Advertising as iBeacons (Windows 10)
Advertising as Eddystone UID Beacon (Windows 10)
Advertising as Eddystone URL Beacon (Windows 10)
Enumerating and Managing Local Bluetooth Radios
Searching for Remote Bluetooth Enabled Devices
Measuring RSSI value
Enumerating Bluetooth Services on a Remote Device
Bluetooth Manual Pairing
Bluetooth Automatic Pairing (SilentAuth)
Bluetooth RFCOMM Client
Bluetooth RFCOMM Server
Bluetooth Vitual COM Ports
Detecting Bluetooth device type
ObjectPush Profile Client
Discovering IrDA devices
Monitoring IrDA devices (Lazy Discovering)
Querying IrDA devices properties
Querying IrDA devices IAS records
Connecting to IrDA devices (Client Mode)
Accept connection from IrDA devices (Server Mode)
Adding IAS records into IrDA Server IAS database
Monitoring IrDA hardware changes
Support for 3-Wire, 9-Wire and IrLPT modes
OBEX Object Push Profile Client
Serial Ports support
Enumerating Serial Ports
Monitoring hardware changes
Serial port signal controls
Serial Port events
Modem events
Com0Com support
Bluetooth vCOM support
USB vCOM support