The Bluetooth RFCOMM (Radio frequency communication) protocol is a simple set of transport protocols, made on top of the L2CAP protocol, providing emulated RS-232 serial ports (up to sixty simultaneous connections to a Bluetooth device at a time).

Bluetooth Framework and RFCOMM

The BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK provides support for RFCOMM protocol and all RFCOMM based profiles. The BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK can act as a client or as a server. In both cases an application must not use any COM ports to communicate with a remote Bluetooth device. Instead of vCOM an application must use native methods provided by the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK.

The BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK requires one client class (wclRfCommClient) for each client connection. However the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK allows to handle multiple connections when atcs as RFCOMM server (with Microsoft Bluetooth stack).

RFCOMM Demo Application

The BLUEOTOTH FRAMEOWRK package includes the RfCommClient and the RfCommServer sample applications that show how to work with the Bluetooth RFCOMM based connections.