WiFi Framework
TwclWiFiProfilesManager.SaveTemporaryProfile Method

Saves a temporary profile to the profile store.

function SaveTemporaryProfile(const IfaceId: TGUID; const ProfileName: string; const OverWrite: Boolean; const Flags: TwclWiFiTemporaryProfileFlags): Integer;
const IfaceId: TGUID 
The ID of the interface.  
const ProfileName: string 
The name of the profile to be saved. Profile names are case-sensitive.  
const OverWrite: Boolean 
Specifies whether this profile is overwriting an existing profile. If this parameter is False and the profile already exists, the existing profile will not be overwritten and an error will be returned.  
const Flags: TwclWiFiTemporaryProfileFlags 
The the flags to set on the profile. If the set is empty then the profile is an all-user profile.  

If the function succeeds, the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. If the function fails, the return value may be one of the WCL return codes.

A temporary profile is the one passed to then Connect method of the TwclWiFiClient component or generated by the discovery engine. A network connection can be established using a temporary profile. Using this method saves the temporary profile and associated user data to the profile store.  

A new profile is added at the top of the list after the group policy profiles. A profile's position in the list is not changed if an existing profile is overwritten.  


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