WiFi Framework
TwclWiFiProfilesManager.GetProfileUserData Method

The method gets the custom user data associated with a wireless profile.

function GetProfileUserData(const IfaceId: TGUID; const ProfileName: string; out DataSize: Cardinal; out Data: PByte): Integer;
const IfaceId: TGUID 
The ID of the wireless LAN interface.  
const ProfileName: string 
The name of the profile with which the custom user data is associated. Profile names are case-sensitive.  
out DataSize: Cardinal 
The size, in bytes, of the user data buffer pointed to by the Data parameter.  
out Data: PByte 
A pointer to the user data.  

If the function succeeds, the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. If the function fails, the return value may be one of the WCL return codes.

For every wireless WLAN profile used by the Native Wifi AutoConfig service, Windows maintains the concept of custom user data. This custom user data is initially non-existent, but can be set by calling the SetProfileUserData method. The custom user data gets reset to empty any time the profile is modified by calling the SetProfile method.  

Once custom user data has been set, this data can be accessed using the GetProfileUserData method.  

The caller is responsible for freeing the memory allocated for the buffer pointed to by the Data parameter using the FreeMemory method.  


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