WiFi Framework
TwclWiFiClient.EnumBss Method

The method retrieves a list of the basic service set (BSS) entries of the wireless network or networks on a given wireless LAN interface.

function EnumBss(const IfaceId: TGUID; const Ssid: string; const BssType: TwclWiFiBssType; const SecurityEnabled: Boolean; out BssList: TwclWiFiBssArray): Integer;
const IfaceId: TGUID 
The Wireless LAN interface's ID to be queried.  
const Ssid: string 
The SSID of the network from which the BSS list is requested. This parameter is optional. When set to the empty string, the returned list contains all of available BSS entries on a wireless LAN interface.
In addition, the BssType parameter must be set to either bssInfrastructure or bssindependent and the SecurityEnabled parameter must be specified.
const BssType: TwclWiFiBssType 
The BSS type of the network. This parameter is ignored if the SSID of the network for the BSS list is unspecified (the Ssid parameter is the empty string).  
const SecurityEnabled: Boolean 
A value that indicates whether security is enabled on the network. This parameter is only valid when the SSID of the network for the BSS list is specified (the Ssid parameter is not an empty string).  
out BssList: TwclWiFiBssArray 
A storage to receive the returned list of of BSS entries. The caller is responsible to dispose the allocated memory.  

If the function succeed the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. Otherwise the method returns one of the WCL error codes.

The caller is responsible to despose the memory allocated for the dynamic array contains the BSS list.

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