WiFi Framework
TwclNetworkListManager Methods

The methods of the TwclNetworkListManager class are listed here.

Firss the AfterOpen event.  
Fires the BeforeClose event.  
Fires the OnConnectionConnectivityChanged event.  
Fires the OnConnectionPropertyChanged event.  
Fires the OnConnectivityChanged event.  
Fires the OnNetworkAdded event.  
Fires then OnNetworkConnectivityChanged event.  
Fires the OnNetworkDeleted event.  
Fires the OnNetworkPropertyChanged event.  
Closes the Network List Manager and releases all allocated resources.  
Checks if the machine has network connectivity.  
Checks if the local machine has internet connectivity.  
The method enumerates a complete list of the network connections that have been made.  
The GetConnectivity method reads the overall connectivity state of the machine.  
The method retrieves a network based on a supplied network ID.  
Retrieves the list of networks available on the local machine.  
Opens the Network List Manager and prepares for events receiving.  
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