WiFi Framework
TwclNlmNetwork Members

The following tables list the members exposed by TwclNlmNetwork.

Creates a new Network object.  
Frees the network class.  
Reads the category of the network.  
Checks if the network has any network connectivity.  
Checks if the network has internet connectivity.  
The method returns an enumeration of all network connections for a network. A network can have multiple connections to it from different interfaces or different links from the same interface.  
Reads the connectivity state of the network.  
Reads the description string for the network.  
Reads the domain type of a network.  
Reads the name of a network.  
Reads the unique identifier of a network.  
Reads the local date and time when the network was created and connected.  
Sets the category of a network. Changes made take effect immediately. Administrative privileges are needed for this method.  
Sets or replaces the description for a network.  
Sets or renames a network.  
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