WiFi Framework

The following table lists types in this documentation.

The connections array.  
The wclNlmConnectivityFlags is the set of flags that contains information about the machine connectivity.  
The wclNlmNetworkPropertyChangeFlags is the set of flags that define changes made to the properties of a network.  
The dynamic array contains the list of networks.  
The dinamic array to store WiFi authentication and cipher algoirithm pairs.  
A set of flags that control the type of networks returned in the list.  
The available network flasg set.  
Contains an array of information about available networks.  
The Bss array.  
Defines the BSS capabilities.  
Set of connectin flags.  
A set of flags that provide additional information for the network connection.  
The dinamic array defines an 802.11 regulatory domain. For more information about country strings and regulatory domains, refer to the IEEE 802.11d-2001 standard.  
Set of supported configuration methods.  
The dynamic array of the wclWiFi::wclWiFiHostedNetworkPeerState records.  
The WLAN interfaces dinamic array.  
The array of the interface's radio states for supported PHYs.  
Set of the supported PHYs.  
A set of the WiFi profile flags.  
A dynamic array fo the Wireless profiles.  
The type represents a raw bytes array of an information element to include in Scan probe requests.  
The set of flags to set on the profile.  
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