WiFi Framework
CwclWiFiProfilesManager Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclWiFiProfilesManager.

Fires the AfterOpen event.  
Fires the BeforeClose event.  
The function must setup privileges for Native WiFi.  
The function sets up privileges for Native WiFi.  
Provides access to the WLAN subsyste handle.  
Executes additional finalization produres.  
Executes additional initialization produres.  
Closes the component.  
Default constructor.  
The method deletes a wireless profile for a wireless interface on the local computer.  
The method frees memory.  
Gets the component state.  
The method retrieves all information about a specified wireless profile.  
The method retrieves the list of profiles in preference order.  
The method gets the custom user data associated with a wireless profile.  
Opens the component.  
Renames the specified profile.  
Saves a temporary profile to the profile store.  
The method sets the position of a single, specified profile in the preference list.  
The method sets the content of a specific profile.  
The method sets the preference order of profiles for a given interface.  
Sets the custom user data associated with a profile.  
This is the overview for the wclNotifyEvent method overload. 
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