WiFi Framework

The following table lists classes in this documentation.

The base component class for all WCL WiFi Framework components  
The base class for all WiFi Direct components.  
Adds the WLAN memory management methods to basic WiFi methods.  
The class adds the WLAN security management to basic WiFi methods.  
The CwclNetworkListManager class provides a set of methods to perform network list management functions and receives events related to the Network List Manager.  
The class represents a single network connection.  
The class represents a network on the local machine. It can also represent a collection of network connections with a similar network signature.  
The CwclWiFiClient component provides access to the Wireless LAN client functions.  
The class allows to publish WiFi Direct advertisements.  
The WiFi Direct Client allows to connect to other WiFi Direct devices.  
The base class for WiFi Direct connection components.  
The class represents a WiFi Direct device.  
The component allows you application to enumerate (discover) nearby WiFi Direct Devices,  
The CwclWiFiEvents component provides access to the Wireless LAN notifications.  
The CwclWiFiHostedNetwork component provides access to the WiFi Hosted Network features.  
The CwclWiFiInterface class represents the WLAN interface and allows an application to control the Wireless LAN interface.  
Provides access to the Wireless Network profiles.  
The component allows your application to capture raw packets from your WiFi adapter.  
The component represents the WiFi Direct Legacy Soft AP.  
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