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wclHelpers Class

This static class includes some helpers methods used in WCL.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  wclCommon
Assembly:  wclCommon (in wclCommon.dll) Version: (
public static class wclHelpers

The wclHelpers type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAllocHGlobal
Allocates and zeros memory.
Public methodStatic memberCreateMutex
Creates a new mutex with given name.
Public methodStatic memberFailed
Provides a generic test for failure on any status value.
Public methodStatic memberHiByte
Returns Hi Byte of the UInt16 value.
Public methodStatic memberHiWord
Returns Hi Word of the UInt32 value.
Public methodStatic memberHResultFromWin32
Converts Win32 error code into HRESULT.
Public methodStatic memberIncPtr
Increments a pointer on given offset.
Public methodStatic memberLoByte
Returns Lo Byte of the UInt16 value.
Public methodStatic memberLoWord
Returns Lo Word of the UINt32 value.
Public methodStatic memberSleepEx

Suspends the current thread until the specified condition is met. Execution resumes when one of the following occurs:

* An I/O completion callback function is called.

* An asynchronous procedure call(APC) is queued to the thread.

* The time-out interval elapses.

Public methodStatic memberSucceeded
Provides a generic test for success on any status value.
Public methodStatic memberwclGetWinVer
Reads Windows OS version.
Public methodStatic memberwclIsWinIot
Checks if software runs on Windows 10 IoT.
Public methodStatic memberZeroHGlobal
Zeros the memory allocated by the AllocHGlobal.
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