IrDA Framework
CwclCustomObexServer Methods

The methods of the CwclCustomObexServer class are listed here.

The method called when a remote client opens OBEX session (connects).  
Fires the OnDisconnected event.  
Fires the OnPutBegin event.  
Fires the OnPutCompleted event.  
Fires the OnPutProgress event.  
The service ID that is implemented by the server.  
The method called by the Connection when data has been received from a remote device.  
Accepts the client's connection request.  
Gets the connected state.  
Connection ID.  
The current server's description.  
The current connected client's ID.  
Rejects the connection request.  
The event fires when a remote client closes the OBEX session (disconnects).  
The event fires during receiving the object.  
The event fires when client started object sending (OBEX PUT) operation. An application must accept or reject the object.  
The event fires when all object has been received.  
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