IrDA Framework
CwclIrDAReceiver Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclIrDAReceiver.

Fires the OnChange event.  
Fires the OnDevicesFound event.  
The message receiver calls this method when a new notification message has been received.  
Frees the component.  
Create a new component.  
Discovers nearby IrDA devices.  
Gets the IrDA hardware status.  
Gets the Lazy Discovering state.  
Gets the subscription state.  
Querys an IrDA IAS attribute value.  
Starts Lazy Discovering for IrDA devices.  
Stops monitoring Lazy Discovering.  
Subscribes for IrDA hardware changes notifications.  
Unsubscribes from IrDA hardware changes notifications.  
The even fires when new IrDA devices were found during Lasy Discovering.  
The event fires when the state of the IrDA hardware is changed. To check real status an application should read the Available property.  
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