IrDA Framework
CwclServerClientConnection Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclServerClientConnection.

The method accepts the client connection request.  
Fires the OnConnect event.  
Fires the OnDisconnect event.  
Gets the connection state.  
Custom connection parameters.  
Hardware depended method that prepares to communicate with a connected remote client device.  
Implements a hardware depended code that communicate with the connected remote device.  
Implements a hardware depended code that disconnects from the connected remote device.  
The message receiver calls this method when a new notification message has been received.  
Send a Disconnect notification message.  
Frees the connection.  
Creates a new server client connection.  
Disconnects from the connected remote device.  
Gets the connection message receiver object.  
Gets the client owner.  
Gets the connection's thread ID.  
The event fires when a connection to a remote device has been completed (with or without success).  
The event fires when the remote connected device has been disconnected.  
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