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wclCommon Namespace

Public classwclBluetoothCategoryMessage
The Bluetooth Category Message base class.
Public classwclConnectionCategoryMessage
The Connection Category Message base class.
Public classwclECritical
Critical exception.
Public classwclEInvalidArgument
One or more arguments passed into constructor are invalid.
Public classwclEOutOfMemory
Not enough system memory.
Public classwclErrors
The static class contains all the WCL error codes.
Public classwclException
The base WCL exceptions class.
Public classwclHardwareChangeMessage
The Hardware Change message is broadcasted to all subscribers when changes in the hardware configuration have been detected. The message's ID is WCL_MSG_ID_SYS_HARDWARE_CHANGED.
Public classwclHelpers
This static class includes some helpers methods used in WCL.
Public classwclIrDACategoryMessage
The IrDA Category Message base class.
Public classwclKinectCategoryMessage
The Kinect Category Message base class.
Public classwclMessage
The message object.
Public classwclMessageBroadcaster
The message broadcaster manages broadcast messages between subscribers (message receivers subscribed for broadcast messages). Also the message broadcaster monitors changes in the hardware configuration and notifies subscribers about the changes.
Public classwclMessageReceiver
The message receiver object.
Public classwclSerialCategoryMessage
The Serial Category Message base class.
Public classwclSystemCategoryMessage
The system categoiry message base class.
Public classwclThread
The class allows to use WCL components in threads, console and service applications.
Public classwclUsbCategoryMessage
The USB Category Message base class.
Public classwclWiFiCategoryMessage
The WiFi Category Message base class.
Public classwclWiiCategoryMessage
The Wii Remote Category Message base class.
Public delegatewclMessageEvent
The OnMessage event prototype.
Public enumerationwclMessageSynchronizationKind
Message synchronization methods used to inter-threading synchronization and notification.
Public enumerationwclWinVer
Windows versions.