Bluetooth Framework
TwclRfCommServerConnection.Listen Method

The method starts listening for client connections.

function Listen(const Service: TGUID; const ServiceName: string = ''; const Channel: Byte = 0; const Authentication: Boolean = True; const Encryption: Boolean = False): Integer;
const Service: TGUID 
The Bluetooth Service UUID. If the Channel parameter is zero, the system attempts to use Service to resolve the remote channel corresponding to the service. The service class is a normalized 128-bit GUID, defined by the Bluetooth specification. Common GUIDs are defined by the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers document. Alternatively, a unique GUID may be used for a domain-specific application.  
const ServiceName: string = '' 
The option service name.  
const Channel: Byte = 0 
The RFCOMM channel number. If zero the Service UUID will be used.  
const Authentication: Boolean = True 
Specifies that authentication is required for a connect operation to complete successfully. Setting this option actively initiates authentication during connection establishment, if the two Bluetooth devices were not previously authenticated.  
const Encryption: Boolean = False 
The option enforces encryption to establish a connection. Encryption is only available for authenticated connections.  

If the function succeed the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. Otherwise the method returns one of the WCL error codes.

NOTE: BlueSoleil has limited support for Authentication and Encryption.. Also it doe snot support user-defined RFCOMM channel number.

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