Bluetooth Framework
TwclMessageReceiver.Post Method

Posts the message into the messages queue.

function Post(const Message: TwclMessage; const Sync: Boolean = False): Integer;
const Message: TwclMessage 
The TwclMessage object represents a message. A caller is responsible to dispose the message object passed into the method.  
const Sync: Boolean = False 
If the Sync parameter set to True and the thread that called the method is the same that opened the receiver the message will be delivered without putting it into the message queue.
If the thread that posting the message is different than one that opened the receiver or the Sync parameter is False (the default value) the message will be posted into the message queue.

If the function succeed the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. Otherwise the method returns one of the WCL error codes.

The method can be called from any thread. 

Note that if sync messages is posted it can be processed before any other message in the queue.  


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