Bluetooth Framework
TwclGattClient.WriteClientConfiguration Method

Writes the client configuration descriptor to the device.

function WriteClientConfiguration(const Characteristic: TwclGattCharacteristic; const Subscribe: Boolean; const Flag: TwclGattOperationFlag; const Protection: TwclGattProtectionLevel = plNone): Integer;
const Characteristic: TwclGattCharacteristic 
A characteristic object in that changes an application is interested.  
const Subscribe: Boolean 
The value indicates should we subscribe or unsubscribe from the characteristic value changes.  
const Flag: TwclGattOperationFlag 
Operation behaviour flag.  
const Protection: TwclGattProtectionLevel = plNone 
Describes the required protection level.  

If the function succeed the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. Otherwise the method returns one of the WCL error codes.

In order to receive notifications about characteristic value changes the client must set the Client Configuration Descriptor. An application can use this method to do it in easy way.

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