Bluetooth Framework
TwclCustomObexServer.DoConnect Method

The method called when a remote client opens OBEX session (connects).

procedure DoConnect(const Target: TGUID; const Who: TGUID; const Description: string); virtual;
const Target: TGUID 
The requested target service/server ID.  
const Who: TGUID 
The client's ID.  
const Description: string 
The connect operation's or client's description.  

A derived class must override this method to accept or reject connection. The default implementation rejects any connection requests.  

To accept connection an implementation must call the Accept method. To reject the connection request an implementation myst call the Reject method.  

In case the Target and/or Who values were not provided by a client the values of these parameters are GUID_NULL. If the Description was not provided by a client the value of this parameter is an empty string.  


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