Bluetooth Framework
TwclCustomObexClient.SetPath Method

Changes the current directory on the server's side.

function SetPath(const Dir: string; const Create: Boolean): Integer;
const Dir: string 
The directory name. If the Dir value is ".." it tells to the server to backup a level (go one level up). If the Dir is an empty string it tells to the server to go to the default (root) directory).  
const Create: Boolean 
If this parameter is set to True it tells server to create new directory with the given name. If this parameter is set to False and the directory specified in the Dir parameter does not exists the WCL_E_OBEX_BAD_REQUEST or the WCL_E_OBEX_FORBIDDEN error returned as the operation complete result.  

The method sets the current directory on the receiving side in order to enable transfers that need additional path information. For instance, when a nested set of directories is sent between two machines, SetPath is used to create the directory structure on the receiving side.

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