Bluetooth Framework
TwclBluetoothRadio.HalEnumRemoteServices Method

Implements a hardware-dependent code for reading the available services from a remote Bluetooth device.

function HalEnumRemoteServices(const Address: Int64; const Uuid: PGuid; out Services: TwclBluetoothServices): Integer; virtual; abstract;
const Address: Int64 
The remote Bluetooth device's MAC address.  
const Uuid: PGuid 
The pointer to a service's UUID. If an application need to get information about specific service it set this parameter to a valid pointer to the required service's UUID. If this parameter is nil the information about all available services will be returned.  
out Services: TwclBluetoothServices 
On output the remote Bluetooth device services list. An application is responsible to free a memory allocated for the array.  

If the function succeed the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. Otherwise the method returns one of the WCL error codes.

A derived class must override this method to provide driver-dependent code.

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