Bluetooth Framework
TwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcherConnection.DoProximityBeaconFrame Method

Fires the OnProximityBeaconFrame event.

procedure DoProximityBeaconFrame(const Address: Int64; const Timestamp: Int64; const Rssi: ShortInt; const CompanyId: Word; const Major: Word; const Minor: Word; const Uuid: TGUID; const TxRssi: ShortInt); virtual;
const Address: Int64 
The Bluetooth LE advertiser's MAC address.  
const Timestamp: Int64 
The frame's timestamp in Universal Time format.  
const Rssi: ShortInt 
The measured RSSI value in dBm at range between -100 dBm and +20 dBm at 1 dBm resolution.  
const CompanyId: Word 
The beacon's manufacturer ID as defined in the Bluetooth SIG Assigned Numbers.  
const Major: Word 
The beacon's Major value.  
const Minor: Word 
The beacon's Minor value.  
const Uuid: TGUID 
The beacon's UUID.  
const TxRssi: ShortInt 
The beacon's RSSI value in dBm at range between -100 dBm and +20 dBm at 1 dBm resolution measured at 1 meter distance.  
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