Bluetooth Framework
CwclServerClientConnection::Accept Method

The method accepts the client connection request.

virtual int Accept(CwclServerConnection* Server, void* Params, unsigned long ParamsSize);
CwclServerConnection* Server 
A CwclServerConnection object owns the client connection.  
void* Params 
An optional pointer to the hardware-dependent data contains information about client connection request.  
unsigned long ParamsSize 
An optional parameters size.  

If the function succeed the return value is WCL_E_SUCCESS. Otherwise the method returns one of the WCL error codes.

The method called by the server when connection from a remote client device has already been accepted.  

The method is always called from the main (or from the same) thread that runs the server.  

The method prepares the class for comunication with a remote client.  

If the method fails it disconnects already accepted client connection.  


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