Bluetooth Framework
CwclCustomObexServer::DoPutCompleted Method

Fires the OnPutCompleted event.

virtual void DoPutCompleted(int Error, CwclStream* Stream, bool& Accept);
int Error 
The operation completion reason code. If operation completed with success the Reason is WCL_E_SUCCESS. An application may accept or reject all the object by setting the Accept parameter.  
CwclStream* Stream 
The received object's data stream.  
bool& Accept 
Set this parameter to True to accept the object. Set this parameter to False to reject the object. In case if object rejected the OBEX Forbidden error will be send.  

The Stream parameter contains the received object's data. This parameter is valid only insode the event handler and must be saved or copied by an application if an application needs to use it later. The Stream parameter can be nil or empty if received object does not have body (data).

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