Bluetooth Framework
CwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcher::DoEddystoneTlmFrame Method

Fires the OnEddystoneTlmFrame event.

virtual void DoEddystoneTlmFrame(__int64 Address, __int64 Timestamp, char Rssi, unsigned long AdvCnt, unsigned short Batt, unsigned long SecCnt, double Temp);
__int64 Address 
The Bluetooth LE advertiser's MAC address.  
__int64 Timestamp 
The frame's timestamp in Universal Time format.  
char Rssi 
The measured RSSI value in dBm at range between -100 dBm and +20 dBm at 1 dBm resolution.  
unsigned long AdvCnt 
The running count of advertisement frames of all types emitted by the beacon since power-up or reboot, useful for monitoring performance metrics that scale per broadcast frame. If this value is reset (e.g. on reboot), the current time field is also reset.  
unsigned short Batt 
The current battery charge in millivolts, expressed as 1 mV per bit. If not supported (for example in a USB-powered beacon) the value should be zeroed.  
unsigned long SecCnt 
The 0.1 second resolution counter that represents time since beacon power-up or reboot. If this value is reset (e.g. on a reboot), the AdvCnt count field is also reset.  
double Temp 
The beacon temperature in degrees Celsius sensed by the beacon. If not supported the value is -128 °C.  
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