Bluetooth Framework
CwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcher::DoAltBeaconFrame Method

Fires the OnAltBeaconFrame event.

virtual void DoAltBeaconFrame(__int64 Address, __int64 Timestamp, char Rssi, unsigned short CompanyId, unsigned short Major, unsigned short Minor, GUID Uuid, char TxRssi, unsigned char Reserved);
__int64 Address 
The Bluetooth LE advertiser's MAC address.  
__int64 Timestamp 
The frame's timestamp in Universal Time format.  
char Rssi 
The measured RSSI value in dBm at range between -100 dBm and +20 dBm at 1 dBm resolution.  
unsigned short CompanyId 
The beacon's manufacturer ID as defined in the Bluetooth SIG Assigned Numbers.  
unsigned short Major 
The beacon's Major value.  
unsigned short Minor 
The beacon's Minor value.  
GUID Uuid 
The beacon's UUID.  
char TxRssi 
The beacon's RSSI value in dBm at range between -100 dBm and +20 dBm at 1 dBm resolution measured at 1 meter distance.  
unsigned char Reserved 
A 1-byte value from 0x00 to 0xFF. Interpretation of this value is to be defined by the manufacturer and is to be evaluated based on the CompanyId value.  
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