Bluetooth Framework
CwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcher Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcher.

Fires the OnAdvertisementFrameInformation event.  
Fires the OnAdvertisementRawFrame event.  
Fires the OnAdvertisementUuidFrame event.  
Fires the OnAltBeaconFrame event.  
Fires the OnEddystoneTlmFrame event.  
Fires the OnEddystoneUidFrame event.  
Fires the OnEddystoneUrlFrame event.  
Fires the OnManufacturerRawFrame event.  
Fires the OnProximityBeaconFrame event.  
Fires the OnStarted event.  
Fires the OnStopped event.  
The method sets new copy of the current connection.  
Frees the component.  
Creates new component.  
Gets Beacon Monitoring state.  
Gets the watcher owner.  
Starts monitoring for Bluetooth LE Beacons.  
Stops monitoring for Bluetooth LE Beacons.  
The event fires when new Bluetooth LE advertisement frame has been received and provides the common basic information about the frame.  
The OnAdvertisementRawFrame event handler prototype.  
The event fires when an UUID advertisement frame has been received.  
The event fires when a Bluetooth LE Alt beacon advertisement frame received.  
The OnEddystoneTlmFrame event handler prototype.  
The OnEddystoneUidFrame event handler prototype.  
The OnEddystoneUrlFrame event handler prototype.  
The OnManufacturerRawFrame event handler prototype.  
The OnProximityBeaconFrame event handler prototype.  
This is the overview for the wclNotifyEvent method overload. 
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