Bluetooth Framework
CwclBluetoothLeAltBeacon Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclBluetoothLeAltBeacon.

Fires the OnStarted event.  
Fires the OnStopped event.  
Gets active status.  
Gets the advertiser connection object.  
Creates and initializes the Bluetooth LE advertiser connection obejct.  
The method sets new copy of the current connection.  
Creates new component.  
Gets Advertiser state.  
Gets the beacon's manufacturer ID.  
Gets the beacon's Major value.  
Gets the beacon's Minor value.  
Gets the advertiser owner.  
Gets the beacons' manufacturer specific Reserved value.  
Gets the beacon's RSSI value.  
Gets the beacon's UUID.  
Sets the beacon's manufacturer ID.  
Sets the beacon's Major value.  
Sets the beacon's Minor value.  
Sets the beacons' manufacturer specific Reserved value.  
Sets the beacon's RSSI value.  
Sets the beacon's UUID.  
Starts advertising.  
Stops advertising.  
This is the overview for the wclNotifyEvent method overload. 
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