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wclRfCommServer Class

Bluetooth RFCOMM server.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  wclBluetooth
Assembly:  wclBluetoothFramework (in wclBluetoothFramework.dll) Version: (
public class wclRfCommServer : wclBluetoothComponent

The wclRfCommServer type exposes the following members.

Public methodwclRfCommServer
Creates a new component.
Public propertyAssignedChannel
Gets the RFCOMM assigned channel number.
Public propertyAuthentication
Gets and sets the authentication value.
Public propertyChannel
Gets and sets the service RFCOMM channel number. 0 to auto detection.
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of the connected clients.
Public propertyEncryption
Gets and sets the encryption state of the connection.
Public propertyItem
Gets the connected client by its index.
Public propertyRadio
Gets the connection radio object.
Public propertyService
Gets and sets the Bluetooth service UUID used for connection.
Public propertyServiceName
Gets and sets the service name.
Public propertyState
Gets the current connection state.
Public methodClose
Closes the server.
Protected methodDoClosed
Fires the OnClosed event.
Protected methodDoConnect
Fires the OnConnect event.
Protected methodDoData
Fires the OnData event.
Protected methodDoDisconnect
Fires the OnDisconnect event.
Protected methodDoListen
Fires the OnListen event.
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Public methodListen
The method starts listening for client connections.
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Public eventOnClosed
The event fires when the server is closed.
Public eventOnConnect
The event fires when a remote client is connected to the server.
Public eventOnData
The event fires when new data is received from the connected remote device.
Public eventOnDisconnect
The event fires when a remote client has disconnected from the server.
Public eventOnListen
The event fires when the serve ris ready to accept incomming connections (is in listening state).
The TwclRfCommClient component enables an application to accept connections from Bluetooth devices through RFCOMM protocol and work with RFCOMM based profiles (SPP, OBEX, others).
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