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wclRfCommClient Class

The Bluetooth RFCOMM Client component.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  wclBluetooth
Assembly:  wclBluetoothFramework (in wclBluetoothFramework.dll) Version: (
public class wclRfCommClient : wclBluetoothComponent

The wclRfCommClient type exposes the following members.

Public methodwclRfCommClient
Creates new RFCOMM client component.
Public propertyAddress
Gets and sets a target Bluetooth device's MAC address.
Public propertyAuthentication
Gets and sets the authentication property for the connection.
Public propertyChannel
Gets and sets the RFCOMM channel number used for connection.
Public propertyEncryption
Gets and sets the Encryption property for the connection.
Public propertyProcessor
Gets the Data Processor created for the connection.
Public propertyRadio
Gets the radio object used for connection.
Public propertyService
Gets and sets the service's UUID that should be used for connection.
Public propertyState
Gets the current client state.
Public propertyTimeout
Gets and sets the connect timeout value.
Public methodConnect
Starts connecting to a remote Bluetooth device.
Public methodDisconnect
Disconnects from the connection remote device.
Protected methodDoConnect
Fires the OnConnect event.
Protected methodDoCreateProcessor
Fires the OnCreateProcessor event.
Protected methodDoData
Fires the OnData event.
Protected methodDoDestroyProcessor
Fires the OnDestroyProcessor event.
Protected methodDoDisconnect
Fires the OnDisconnect event.
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Public methodGetReadBufferSize
Reads the read buffer size.
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Public methodGetWriteBufferSize
Reads the write buffer size.
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Public methodSetReadBufferSize
Sets the read buffer size.
Public methodSetWriteBufferSize
Sets the write buffer size.
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Public methodWrite
Sends data to the connected device.
Public eventOnConnect
The event fires when a connection to a remote device has been completed (with or without success).
Public eventOnCreateProcessor
The event fires when connection to a remote device has been established with success to allow application provide a data processor for the connection.
Public eventOnData
The event fires when new data is received from the connected remote device.
Public eventOnDestroyProcessor
The event fires when connection to a remote device has been terminated. An application must destroy the Data Processor created for the connection.
Public eventOnDisconnect
The event fires when the remote connected device has been disconnected.
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