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wclGattDescriptorType Enumeration

The enumeration describes the different types of Bluetooth LE generic attributes (GATT).

Namespace:  wclBluetooth
Assembly:  wclBluetoothFramework (in wclBluetoothFramework.dll) Version: (
public enum wclGattDescriptorType
  Member nameValueDescription
dtCharacteristicExtendedProperties0 The characteristic value has additional properties that describe how it can be used, or how it can be accessed.
dtCharacteristicUserDescription1 The characteristic value contains a string that is a user textual description.
dtClientCharacteristicConfiguration2 The characteristic value may be configured by the client.
dtServerCharacteristicConfiguration3 The characteristic value may be configured for the server.
dtCharacteristicFormat4 The format of the characteristic value.
dtCharacteristicAggregateFormat5 The format of an aggregated characteristic value.
dtCustomDescriptor6 The characteristic value is customized.
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