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wclBluetoothGetSdpAttributesEvent Delegate

The GetSdpAttributes event handler prototype.

Namespace:  wclBluetooth
Assembly:  wclBluetoothFramework (in wclBluetoothFramework.dll) Version: (
public delegate void wclBluetoothGetSdpAttributesEvent(
	Object Sender,
	out ushort[] Protocols,
	out wclBluetoothSdpProfile[] Profiles,
	out byte[] Formats,
	out uint Cod


Type: SystemObject
The object initiates the event.
Type: SystemUInt16
The additional protocol descriptors array that should be added to SDP record.
Type: wclBluetoothwclBluetoothSdpProfile
The profile descriptors list that should be added to SDP record.
Type: SystemByte
Other attributes that should be added to SDP record.
Type: SystemUInt32

Class of device (COD) information. A 32-bit parameter of COD_SERVICE_* class of device bits associated with this SDP record. The system combines these bits with COD bits from other service records and system characteristics. The resulting class of device for the local radio is advertised when the radio is found during device inquiry. When the last SDP record associated with a particular service bit is deleted, that service bit is no longer reported in responses to future device inquiries.

The format and possible values for the COD field are defined in the Bluetooth Assigned Numbers 1.1 portion of the Bluetooth specification, Section 1.2. (This resource may not be available in some languages and countries.)

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