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wclBluetooth Namespace

Public classwclBluetoothComponent
The base class for all Bluetooth Components.
Public classwclBluetoothErrors
The static class contains the Bluetooth Error Codes.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAdvertiser
The base class for Bluetooth LE advertisers components.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAdvertiserConnection
The base virtual connection class for Bluetooth LE Advertisers.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAltBeacon
The Bluetooth LE Alt Beacon Advertiser.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAltBeaconConnection
The virtual connection represents a Bluetooth LE Alt Beacon.
Public classwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcher
The Bluetooth LE Beacon watcher.
Public classwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcherConnection
The "virtual" connection for the Bluetooth LE Beacon Watcher.
Public classwclBluetoothLeCustomBeacon
The Bluetooth LE Custom Beacon Advertiser.
Public classwclBluetoothLeCustomBeaconConnection
The virtual connection represents a Custom Bluetooth LE Beacon.
Public classwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUidBeacon
The Bluetooth LE Eddystone UID Beacon Advertiser.
Public classwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUidBeaconConnection
The virtual connection represents a Bluetooth LE Eddystone UID Beacon.
Public classwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlBeacon
The Bluetooth LE Eddystone URL Beacon Advertiser.
Public classwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlBeaconConnection
The virtual connection represents a Bluetooth LE Eddystone URL Beacon.
Public classwclBluetoothLeIdAdvertiser
The base class for Bluetooth LE advertiser components that advertise the UUIDs.
Public classwclBluetoothLeIdAdvertiserConnection
The base Bluetooth LE advertiser connection class that advertises the UUIDs.
Public classwclBluetoothLeProximityBeacon
The Bluetooth LE Proximity Beacon Advertiser.
Public classwclBluetoothLeProximityBeaconConnection
The virtual connection represents a Bluetooth LE Proximity Beacon (iBeacon).
Public classwclBluetoothLeRssiAdvertiser
The base class for Bluetooth LE advertiser components that advertise calibrated RSSI value.
Public classwclBluetoothLeRssiAdvertiserConnection
The base class for Bluetooth LE advertisers that advertise calibrated RSSI value.
Public classwclBluetoothManager
The Bluetooth Manager component.
Public classwclBluetoothRadio
The class represents a local Bluetooth radio module.
Public classwclCODs
This static class contains constants that describes Bluetooth Class Of Devices (CODs).
Public classwclEBluetooth
The base exception class for all Bluetooth exceptions.
Public classwclEBluetoothClient
The Bluetooth clients exceptions.
Public classwclEBluetoothLeBeacon
The Bluetooth LE beacon exception.
Public classwclEBluetoothServer
The Bluetooth server exceptions.
Public classwclEGattClient
The Bluetooth GATT client exceptions.
Public classwclGattClient
Bluetooth Low Energy GATT client.
Public classwclGattClientConnection
The class represents a Bluetooth LE GATT client connection.
Public classwclRfCommClient
The Bluetooth RFCOMM Client component.
Public classwclRfCommClientConnection
The base class for all Classic Bluetooth (RFCOMM) client connections.
Public classwclRfCommServer
Bluetooth RFCOMM server.
Public classwclRfCommServerClientConnection
The Bluetooth RFCOMM server client connection base class.
Public classwclRfCommServerConnection
The base class for all WCL Bluetooth RFCOMM based server connections.
Public classwclUUIDs
This static class contains defines for Bluetooth Service's UUIDs.
Public structurewclBluetoothSdpProfile
The structure describes the Bluetooth Profile for the server service record.
Public structurewclBluetoothService
The structure represents a Bluetooth Service record.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristic
The structure describes a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) generic attribute (GATT) profile characteristic.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristicExtendedProperties
The structure contacins of the different characteristic extended property members.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristicFormat
Teh structure describes the different characteristic format members.
Public structurewclGattClientCharacteristicConfiguration
The structure describes the different client characteristic configuration members.
Public structurewclGattDescriptor
The structure describes a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) generic attribute (GATT) profile descriptor.
Public structurewclGattDescriptorValue
The structure describes a parent characteristic.
Public structurewclGattServerCharacteristicConfiguration
The structure decribes the different server characteristic configuration members.
Public structurewclGattService
The structure describes a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) generic attribute (GATT) profile service.
Public structurewclGattUuid
The structure contains information about a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
Public structurewclVirtualComPort
The record describes created virtual COM port.
Public delegatewclBluetoothDeviceEvent
The common event for notifications when a remote device's MAC address required.
Public delegatewclBluetoothDeviceResultEvent
The common event handler prototype used for a remote Bluetooth device's operations result notifications.
Public delegatewclBluetoothEvent
The common Bluetooth event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothGetSdpAttributesEvent
The GetSdpAttributes event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementFrameInformationEvent
The OnAdvertisementFrameInformation event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementRawFrameEvent
The OnAdvertisementRawFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementUuidFrameEvent
The OnAdvertisementUuidFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAltBeaconFrameEvent
The OnAltBeaconFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeEddystoneTlmFrameEvent
The OnEddystoneTlmFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeEddystoneUidFrameEvent
The OnEddystoneUidFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlFrameEvent
The OnEddystoneUrlFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeManufacturerRawFrameEvent
The OnManufacturerRawFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeProximityBeaconFrameEvent
The OnProximityBeaconFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothNumericComparisonEvent
The OnNumericComparison event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothPasskeyNotificationEvent
The OnPasskeyNotification event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothPasskeyRequestEvent
The OnPasskeyRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothPinRequestEvent
The OnPinRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothResultEvent
The common Bluetooth result even handler prototype.
Public delegatewclGattCharacteristicChangedEvent
The OnCharacteristicChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclRfCommServerConnectEvent
The prototype of the OnConnect event handler for RFCOMM server.
Public delegatewclRfCommServerDataEvent
A server connection OnData event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclRfCommServerDisconnectEvent
The prototype of the OnDisconnect event handler for server connections.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothApi
Supported Bluetooth APIs (drivers).
Public enumerationwclBluetoothDeviceType
A remote device types.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothDiscoverKind
The TwclBluetoothDiscoverKind enumeration describes Bluetooth devices discovering methods.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeAdvertisementFlag
Flags used to match flags contained inside a Bluetooth LE advertisement payload.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeAdvertisementType
Types of the Bluetooth LE advertisement packet.
Public enumerationwclGattDescriptorType
The enumeration describes the different types of Bluetooth LE generic attributes (GATT).
Public enumerationwclGattOperationFlag
This enumeration describes how a GATT reading operation should be executed.
Public enumerationwclGattProtectionLevel
Represents the desired security level for GATT communication.