BLUETOOTH LE, BLE or BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY, marketed as Bluetooth Smart is a wireless personal area network technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. Compared to Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range.

Supported Platforms

With BlueSoleil Bluetooth drivers the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK supports BLE features on any Window splatform (including Windows XP and Windows 7).
With Microsoft Bluetooth drivers the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK supports BLE features on Windows 8 and above only.

Supported BLE Features

  • BLE Central (Client) role
  • Discover for BLE enabled devices
  • Enumerating services
  • Reading characteristics
  • Reading characteristic value
  • Write characteristic value
  • Subscribing for characteristic value changes notification
  • Bluetooth LE Beacons

Discovering BLE devices

With BlueSoleil Bluetooth drivers the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK allows your application to discover (and pair if needed) with a remote BLE device from the application using methods of the wclBluetoothRadio class.

With Microsoft Bluetooth driver prior Windows 10 the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK version allows you to find only already paired BLE devices. You should pair with your BLE device using Windows Bluetooth Tool before use it from your application.

With Microsoft Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK does not need pairing with a BLE device. The device can be discovered and connected directly from your application.

Characteristic Change Notifications

The BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK allows your application to subscribe for characteristic changes notifications. To do so your application must subscribe for such changes of the specific characteristic first (it can be subscribed for more than one characteristic but for each it must call Subscribe method.

After that to start receiving notification an application must write the Client Configuration Descriptor for the selected characteristic. To make it simple the BLUETOOTH FRAMEWORK includes the WriteClientConfiguration method that does all the things to write the descriptor.

Your application must check that the characteristic has Indicatable or Notifiable property set to TRUE before subscribing to its notifications.

GATT Demo Application

The BLUEOTOTH FRAMEOWRK package includes the GattClientDemo sample application that shows how to use the wclGattClient class.